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Re: Root login is waiting

Lukas Nellen wrote:
> >>>>> "E" == Erick Branderhorst <branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl> writes:
>     E> I have a problem with root login again. All other logins are fine,
>     E> but root login is waiting after I typed the password. Even
>     E> su isn't working anymore. I updtated some packages, including
>     E> a few from Incoming this morning, after reboot, this behaviour
>     E> is present. Sound familiar, a solution?
> My impression is that this kind of behaviour occurs while the syslogd
> is busy logging all the boot messages. When that happens, su and root
> logins wait for their turn to record the root access in auth.log.

I think when I had this problem, I logged on as an ordinary user, and then
su to root after a wait. So I am not sure whether it is connected with syslogd.
I suppose the simplest way for Erick to check this is to disable the logging of kernel
messages by editing the line for /var/adm/messages in /etc/syslog.conf to contain 

--Derek Lee

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