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Re: Root login is waiting

On Mon, 20 May 1996, Erick Branderhorst wrote:

> I have a problem with root login again. All other logins are fine,
> but root login is waiting after I typed the password. Even
> su isn't working anymore. I updtated some packages, including
> a few from Incoming this morning, after reboot, this behaviour
> is present. Sound familiar, a solution?
> --
Since I have working the xconsole following the instructions take here 
days ago, my xconsole works well, however when I try to enter as a root, 
it is necessary wait a lot. I began with this problem just after I fixed 
the xconsole. All other logins and su work well. Would be it related with 
your problem?. My problem only apears when I just power on my machine an 
login as a root at the first time.


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