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Re: Cannot open mouse (no such device)!?!?

> I was installing the Xserver and related packages for the 1.1b
> and almost everything seems ok. However, when I try to run the
> server via xdm/xinit/startx, I get the error:
> 	cannot open mouse (no such device)
> My XF86Config file specifies a "PS/2" protocol mouse to be found
> at /dev/psmouse -- this is what worked for me with 0.93r6. However,
> apparently it no longer works.
> How can I determine the appropriate settings and/or fix this problem?
> I searched through the mail archives but didn't find anything.
> Thanks in advance...
> ======================================================================
> Matthew D Moss
> mmoss@io.com
1. Are you using the default kernel image, or have you recompiled ?
2. Do you use gpm ? If so, does it work with /dev/psmouse ?
3. If you do use gpm & X at the same time, are you using the gpm
repeater option (works for me) ?

If all the above are no, you should try 1st re-compiling your kernel
to include ps2 mouse support, copying the boot image to /boot,
re-running lilo & re-booting. I'm faily sure the default kernel image
I used didn't have ps2 mouse support included...

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