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Re: Must pppd be run by root?

Scott Barker said:
> Well, I guess I have no explanation, then. But it's working for me.  Perhaps I
> ran it as root once, and the other machines on the network all remember the
> address that was being arp'ed for?

Just noticed why it was working -- I had a wrapper program to handle users
changing their password, or starting ppp. I made that wrapper suid root.
That's not very secure (it was a quick hack at the time), so I just changed it
to a simple shell script, and guess what -- ppp didn't work anymore. It only
started working again when I made pppd suid root. [open mouth, remove foot :)]

Now, rather than wait for everyone to decide on a group name, I've just
created a pppin group, and put the ppp users into it.

Sorry for any confusion...

Scott Barker
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