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Re: dselect and dpkg

>>>>> On 15 May 1996 12:15:39 +0200, Kai Grossjohann
>>>>> <grossjoh@ls6.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> said:

  Kai> Hi there, I'm trying to install Debian 1.1 (I know that it's
  Kai> unstable and maybe I should start with a stable release first,
  Kai> but I have already learned a few things and I think I should be
  Kai> able to complete the installation with your help).

  Kai> [...]

  Kai> Also, it seems that dselect sometimes gets confused about which
  Kai> packages are available.  What would I need to do to convey the
  Kai> right state of affairs to dselect?  Create the correct
  Kai> Packages.gz file?  Something else? [...]


seems I have learned quite a bit since I posted the last time.  I now
installed Debian 1.1 using dpkg alone and doing away with dselect.
Fits my style of work better anyway :-)

However, I tried dselect once again and it really seems it it using
the information from the Packages* file, regardless of the contents of
the directories.  WIBNI there was at least a way to let it go search
the directories themselves if the user so desires?  This may take
longer but it means that it's got accurate information.

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