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Re: Dselect proposed interface (was Re: 1.1 installation notes.)

Martin Alonso Soto Jacome writes ("Re: Dselect proposed interface (was Re: 1.1 installation notes.)"):
[ dselect in Tk/Ctk ]

> I think this would be a very interesting (and useful) project, that
> could be worked in a distributed group fashion, just like the whole
> Debian.  Of course, I'm willing to do some volunteer work, so, if
> somebody else is interested please drop me a line.

I think this is an interesting idea too.

If anyone wants to go and experiment with this please do so.  You'll
find some C code that may be helpful (for parsing status and available
files, for example) in the dpkg source tree in the lib and include

You'll want to concentrate on the [S]elect part of things; [A]ccess,
[U]pdate, [I]nstall and [R]emove are really just shells around other

I'm afraid I don't have time to do more than give advice.


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