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Re: Changing display mode in X

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I spent several hours last night looking through the various docs I have
> on X, looking for a remembered reference to the key strokes necessary for
> changing the display mode while in X. I was unable to find the reference.
> I did find hints that the default mode could be changed but can't figure
> out how to do that either. So, I have two questions:
> 1. What are the key strokes for changing graphics mode while in X.

[Alt]+[Ctrl]+[+] and [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[-] on the numeric keypad will change
the resolution of the server. 

> 2. What changes does config need to run a different mode at startup.

The XF86Config sets the available resolutions and colors. You can eliminate
the resolutions you don't use, X will start with the lowest. There may
also be a startx command line switch as there is for color depth. I think
you can 'man' on X.
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