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Re: disabling daemons from init.d

ecki@lina.inka.de writes ("Re: disabling daemons from init.d"):
> > Simply remove the S* links from the rc?.d
> I had a similar problem. If I install a package and move its cronjob from
> cron.weekly to cron.dayly, will the cron-file be replaced on an update?
> Wouldnt it be better to store all cron scripts in cron.d like init.d and on
> update check only for the presence of the file in cron.d/init.d, cause the
> presence/absence of such config files is just like modifications in existing
> ones. (I have for example too much trafic on my wu-ftpd to clean the
> logfiles only every week).

I don't think we need to add yet more symlinks to fix this (then we'd
need a whole new update-cron.d program, &c).  Why don't you just make
/etc/cron.weekly/wuftpd be empty or not executable, and copy it to the
cron.daily directory ?


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