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Re: disabling daemons from init.d

On Tue, 14 May 1996, eckes wrote:

> > Simply remove the S* links from the rc?.d
> I had a similar problem. If I install a package and move its cronjob
> from cron.weekly to cron.dayly, will the cron-file be replaced on an
> update?  Wouldnt it be better to store all cron scripts in cron.d
> like init.d and on update check only for the presence of the file in
> cron.d/init.d, cause the presence/absence of such config files is just
> like modifications in existing ones. (I have for example too much
> trafic on my wu-ftpd to clean the logfiles only every week).

That works for packages which have only a cron.daily or a cron.weekly or a
cron.monthly entry.  

It doesn't work for packages which have both a daily and a weekly or a
weekly and a monthly etc.

Lots of these cron jobs have to be customised anyway.  

for example, I wrote a /etc/cron.daily/httpd to rotate the log files, cat
the httpd-*.log.0 files onto their weekly counterparts (e.g. cat
httpd.log.0 >> httpd.log.week), and run pwebstats on the daily .0 files. 

i also made my /etc/cron.weekly/httpd rotate the weekly httpd logs, and do
a stats generation run on the /var/log/httpd-*.log.week.0 files. 

This gives me both daily and weekly stats on my httpd.  I like to know
what's happening on my machines immediately, not a week later :-)

both cron scripts also restart the httpd to a) kill those damn zombies
(supposedly gone in the new version but i haven't upgraded cern-httpd yet)
and b) close & reopen the log files. 

I'm still running cern-httpd 3.0-4, which is the old a.out version.  When
i get around to upgrading to the new version I'm going to have to be very
careful to make sure that I don't lose my custom cron scripts...there were
significant changes from the old version to the new. 

Debian's dpkg makes things easier, but it doesn't remove the requirement
for the operator to think carefully about what they're doing.  No matter
how simple and automated it is, if the person driving it doesn't bother
to take the time to stop and think then they're going to have problems.
Unavoidable and not, IMO, a Bad Thing<tm>.


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