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Re: X Windows

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Kevin M Bealer wrote:

> > When I decide what I want to add, how do I hang it on the menu
> > system? Is there a good user tutorial? In particular, I can start
> > the xserver either as root or as a user, but I can't seem to do
> > both. Once root cranks up the xserver, how does a user gain access
> > to the server?
> xdm gives a login prompt.

i don't use xdm at the moment, just startx.

Is it possible to get xdm to put a login prompt on more than one vc?

e.g.  have xdm login screens on vc 3,4,5,6

so i can login on vc3 but let other people share my machine in X windows
without having to log out...just press ctrl-alt-F4 to switch to another X
login screen.

Anyone done this before? if xdm can't do it, is there another tool that


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