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Re: X Windows

kmb203@psu.edu (Kevin M Bealer)  wrote on 15.05.96 in <Pine.LNX.3.91.960515003227.806B-100000@brando>:

> 'pico' is good for a unix newbie.  If you are used to the ancestral wordstar
> command set that many dos editors use (even windoze borrows from it ^V=paste
> etc.), "joe" (which is my editor of choice) is good. joe is one executable


^V=paste isn't wordstar. There's no "paste" in wordstar (since wordstar  
has no clipboard), and ^V is usually the insert mode toggle. Maybe you  
confused it with the "move" command, ^KV?

^V actually comes from the Mac, where it was Command-V (early Macs had  
Command instead of Control; modern Macs have both). On an US keyboard, Z,  
X, C and V (mapped onto undo, cut, copy and paste) are side by side in the  
lower left. They do, however, collide with the wordstar directional  
functions (char movement ^S, ^D, ^E, ^X; word movement ^A, ^F; page  
movement ^R, ^C; scrolling ^W, ^Z; just look at an US keyboard layout to  
find out which is which).

Joe is a fine editor, though.

MfG Kai

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