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Re: X Windows

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > Unfortunately, you mus edit the /etc/X11/fvwm/system.fvwmrc file yourself 
> > to add the menu items.  I don't know of any good menu editor but there 
> > may be one for all I know.
> > 
> Vi works for me :-)

'pico' is good for a unix newbie.  If you are used to the ancestral wordstar
command set that many dos editors use (even windoze borrows from it ^V=paste
etc.), "joe" (which is my editor of choice) is good. joe is one executable
with 5 names: joe, jstar, jmacs, rjoe, jpico.  Joe is the author's choice,
the others are partial/complete emulations.

> Thanks,
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