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Re: beta 1.1 problems with 3c503 and the debian search system.

>>>>> "James" == "James D Freels" <fea@fea.rrd.ornl.gov> writes:

    James> I have just installed the root and base diskettes and
    James> performed a basic configuration of v 1.1 on a raw system.
    James> I have a 3com 3c503 ethernet card that is apparently not
    James> recognized.  I seem to recall a previous posting on 3c503
    James> card problems with beta 1.1.

Initially, I had problems with an earlier release of the 1.1beta disks
and the 3c503 - and I reported that. With the current disk set, I have
no problems using the 3c503. All I had to do was to list the driver in
/etc/modules. Also, when you try to load the driver by hand, make sure
you use modprobe, not insmod, as the 3c503 is layered on top of
another module. And make sure you run depmod at least once - the new
/etc/init.d/modules doesn't run this every time you boot (unless you
uncomment the relevent lines).

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