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Re: beta 1.1 problems with 3c503 and the debian search system.

>no problems using the 3c503. All I had to do was to list the driver in
>/etc/modules. Also, when you try to load the driver by hand, make sure
>you use modprobe, not insmod, as the 3c503 is layered on top of
>another module. And make sure you run depmod at least once - the new
>/etc/init.d/modules doesn't run this every time you boot (unless you
>uncomment the relevent lines).

I finally figured some of this out on my own.  There were several
other modules that I needed (isofs, nfs, lp, etc.. as in 0.93R6).

In general, I think the beta 1.1 installation lacks severely in this
regard.  There is an item on the menu to add the modules.  However, it
does not run correctly and gives a ton of error messages saying it
cannot find the /etc/modules file (when it is there!), and will not
allow the installation to continue.  This is why I never had the
opportunity to tell the installation procedure what modules to load (I
discovered this after I fixed the problem and was wondering if I
missed something along the way.  It seems the 'recommended' next step
at the top of the 1.1 installation never recommends to add the

I hope this gets fixed before official release of 1.1.

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