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Re: beta 1.1 problems with 3c503 and the debian search system.

> The search system has not responded tonight while I was searching
> for a solution to this problem.

"has not reponded" is a very vague description. Can you give a better
one please?

> another question(s): what good is an extensive mailing list archive if the
> search system does not work?  Also, why do the debian archives seem
> to have so much trouble?  is it growing pains or otherwise? 

The problem is that www.debian.org (== ftp.debian.org) is on a separate system 
from master.debian.org, the developers machine. www.debian.org is hosted at
Central Michigan University, on a machine that - due to lack of drivers 
for Linux or *BSD - runs Solaris. It is maintained remotely across the
atlanic by yours truely. The connection is sometimes painfully slow,
and I also also have an MSc thesis to produce.

In case of problems with the WWW server, I appreciate it if they are 
reported to me directly.


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