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Re: follow up on bs/del

Craig Sanders (cas@taz.net.au) wrote on 14 May 1996 19:00:
 >On Fri, 10 May 1996, Carlos Carvalho wrote:
 >> I've just tested netscape without the overriding translations and it
 >> works fine, with just keycode 22 = BackSpace.
 >> However, this is only true if I invoke it from the shell. If it's
 >> invoked from fvwm backspace doesn't work, with or without the
 >> translations. Here's what I use to call netscape (I don't use the
 >> debian package):
 >> #!/bin/sh
 >> XNLSPATH=/usr/local/netscape112/nls \
 >> XKEYSYMDB=/usr/local/netscape112/XKeysymDB \
 >> /usr/local/netscape112/netscape $*
 >two solutions:
 >2. make fvwm run your script rather than netscape.  Edit your .fvwmrc and
 >put in the full pathname to your netscape script.

That's what I did.

 >BTW, that script should read:
 >#! /bin/bash

I used sh, it's the same in debian.

 >export XNLSPATH=/usr/local/netscape112/nls 
 >export XKEYSYMDB=/usr/local/netscape112/XKeysymDB 
 >exec /usr/local/netscape112/netscape $@
 >The environment variables must be exported, otherwise they are only
 >local to the shell script...they are not passed on to child processes.

My script does exactly the same; it puts the variables in the
environment of the command only, not on the user environment.

 >I use 'exec netscape' because the shell isn't needed any more after
 >netscape loads...may as well get rid of immediately.

Correct. However in this case you don't need to export the vars, do

 >1.  Make sure the XNLSPATH and XKEYSYMDB env vars are set and exported
 >BEFORE fvwm is run (i.e. before you startx).  This way, fvwm will inherit
 >the environment vars from the parent shell, and everything that fvwm forks
 >will inherit them too.

As before, they're exported to the netscape process, which should be


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