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Re: follow up on bs/del

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Carlos Carvalho wrote:

> I've just tested netscape without the overriding translations and it
> works fine, with just keycode 22 = BackSpace.
> However, this is only true if I invoke it from the shell. If it's
> invoked from fvwm backspace doesn't work, with or without the
> translations. Here's what I use to call netscape (I don't use the
> debian package):
> #!/bin/sh
> XNLSPATH=/usr/local/netscape112/nls \
> XKEYSYMDB=/usr/local/netscape112/XKeysymDB \
> /usr/local/netscape112/netscape $*

two solutions:

1.  Make sure the XNLSPATH and XKEYSYMDB env vars are set and exported
BEFORE fvwm is run (i.e. before you startx).  This way, fvwm will inherit
the environment vars from the parent shell, and everything that fvwm forks
will inherit them too.

If you export the env vars from ~/bash_profile then it will work only
for you, or if you export them from /etc/profile, then it will work for
every account on the system...must be root to edit /etc/profile

2. make fvwm run your script rather than netscape.  Edit your .fvwmrc and
put in the full pathname to your netscape script.

BTW, that script should read:

#! /bin/bash
export XNLSPATH=/usr/local/netscape112/nls 
export XKEYSYMDB=/usr/local/netscape112/XKeysymDB 
exec /usr/local/netscape112/netscape $@

The environment variables must be exported, otherwise they are only
local to the shell script...they are not passed on to child processes.

I use 'exec netscape' because the shell isn't needed any more after
netscape loads...may as well get rid of immediately.

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