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Re: X Windows

> I installed fvwm2 but still get the xterm that comes as the default. 

If you start X with 'xinit' or 'startx' and do _not_ have an X startup
script in your home directory, you will be punished by being presented with
an X term that could only be read by people under the age of 20.
You can circumvent this by including a file called ".xinirc" or ".xsession"
in your home directory.  I recommend .xsession, since all of the three
X startup methods (xinit, startx, and xdm) look for it.

Below please find my simple .xsession file.  It invokes 2 xterms, both with
fonts big enough for me to see:

# This file is called by /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
xrdb -load $HOME/.Xdefaults
oclock -g +1152+0 &
xterm -sb -sl 1500 -fn 12x24 -g 80x24+9+1 &
xterm -sb -sl 1500 -fn 12x24 -g 80x24+291+418 &
xsetroot -solid SteelBlue

Note that (unlike .xinitrc) .xsession need not be a Bourne shell script, 
but _must_ be executable.  

Hope that helps.
Susan Kleinmann

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