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Re: 1.1 setup for /dev/xconsole?

In <Pine.LNX.3.91.960514001843.2435A-100000@niki.et.tudelft.nl> Maarten Boekhold <boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

>> >If you try bringing up xconsole and see nothing, then it's possible that
>> >you've already been logging messages for a while and the pipe filled up, so
>> Has anyone noticed that with recent kernels, the pipe to xconsole fills
>> up on boot up before boot up is finished, which causes all kinds of
>> problems. This started around 1.3.65 and still is a problem, so I
>> stopeed using xconsole.

>I'm using 1.3.71, no probs with xconsole, system is a (to 1.1) upgraded 
Several people have written saying they haven't seen this problem, so it
may be a result of how large your bootup messages are. I have a lot of
scsi devices on my machine, so my bootup info dumped to syslog is 3862
bytes and 79 lines, and this doesn't include any daemons initialized
before X starts and xconsole can be read. I definately found I was
overflowing the pipe as removing the syslog output to /dev/xconsole
cleared up all my hanging problems.


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