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Re: Checking if the network is up


> It does if you also have these set.  
> lcp-echo-interval
> lcp-echo-failure
> Actually, I think hardware handshaking should handle the problem, but
> it doesn't always seem to (grrr).

Actually if your modem is configured correctly (CD drop on Carrier loss
&C1), and if the pppd is given the option "modem" the Process will hangup if
the line goes down. This is not the actual hardware handshake, but on of the
RS232 signals. 

#       modem  Use  the  modem  control lines.  This option is the
#              default.  With this option, pppd will wait for  the
#              CD  (Carrier  Detect)  signal  from the modem to be
#              asserted when opening the serial device  (unless  a
#              connect  script is specified), and it will drop the
#              DTR (Data Terminal Ready) signal briefly  when  the
#              connection  is  terminated and before executing the
#              connect script.  On  Ultrix,  this  option  implies
#              hardware flow control, as for the crtscts option.

Hangup on DTR dropping should be configured, too (&D2).
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