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Re: Checking if the network is up

>>>>> "e" == eckes  <ecki@lina.inka.de> writes:

e> Actually if your modem is configured correctly (CD drop on Carrier
e> loss &C1), and if the pppd is given the option "modem" the Process
e> will hangup if the line goes down. This is not the actual hardware
e> handshake, but on of the RS232 signals.

Right, I have this set up, but I still got somewhat flaky behavior.  I
haven't tested it again recently, but I think it might be my modem.  I
have one of the internal Sportsters (an older one of the 28.8 flavor),
and I had heard some rumbling about problems with those.  I'm going to
get a modem ROM upgrade soon.  Maybe that'll fix it.


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