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Supra 288i Sp Modem


Has anybody had any experience with the supra 288i Sp "internal 
Speakderphone Modem".  This modem comes stock with most microns and
is plug and play.  I have used the following line in /etc/rc.boot/0setserial:

"setserial -vb /dev/cua2 irq 5 port 0x03e8 uart 16550A"

if, after bootup, I do a "setserial /dev/cua2", it feeds those 
params back as if everything is ok.  Minicom, however, does not
see the modem.  Good ol' atdt does nothing.  The modem uses non-standard
IRQ and baseaddresses.  The values are reported by WIN95 (from 
which the modem works just fine, BTW). 

Any help is appreciated.

Troy (tkelley@ecn.purdue.edu)

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