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Re: 1.1 installation notes.

> I just installed the beta debian 1.1, over a very old Slackware 
>system (I'm going to update a debian 0.96 system soon, using 
>floppies no less).  
>I used .deb files that I had ftp'ed on April 26, but the 
>boot,root,base disks I freshly ftp'ed.
>It went very smoothly.
>One trouble is that I find the dselect "Select" screen confusing. 
>Admittedly, It is not immediately obvious to me which line is the 
>"selection".  Also I was surprised, the first time I used dselect, to 
>see each section (admin, doc, text, etc.) show up multiple times.
>I would prefer not starting in a split-screen mode here.
     > ...
     The deselect/select application does wonderful things. However with 
     sophistication comes complexity and confusion, and this package can be 
     confusing - to a new user or someone coming from the slackware 
        It would be nice if the package could appear more visually 
     inutative. Obviously with losing any of its functionality. I have 
     found the dependancy list to be a bit confusing also... 
     However - I think the overall package is GrEaT !!! Everyone take a bow 
     for your exceptional efforts...

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