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1.1 installation notes.

I just installed the beta debian 1.1, over a very old Slackware
system (I'm going to update a debian 0.96 system soon, using floppies
no less).  

I used .deb files that I had ftp'ed on April 26, but the
boot,root,base disks I freshly ftp'ed.

It went very smoothly.

One trouble is that I find the dselect "Select" screen confusing.
Admittedly, It is not immediately obvious to me which line is the
"selection".  Also I was surprised, the first time I used dselect, to
see each section (admin, doc, text, etc.) show up multiple times.

I would prefer not starting in a split-screen mode here.

Another trouble was when dselect throws you into its
conflict/dependency sublists.  I was afraid to hit 'Enter' (to get
back to the main package list), for fear it would end the whole
package selection process.  Of course, I didn't know that I could go
back to the "Select" screen even if I did accidentally leave it.

Another trouble was in the "Access" screen, but only because I was
rushing and didn't read all the help that went with the "Distribution
top level" prompt.  It was also confusing that it was looking for a
directory named .../stable/binary, when the 1.1 beta distribution is
in .../unstable/binary.

After regaining familiarity with it, however, I really like dselect.
I don't see how a 80x24 chui could be made much better, while still
having all the power that it has.

Steve Preston (spreston@gte.com)

PS: Did something happen to the debian-user list?  I haven't gotten
any email on it for almost a whole day.  

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