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Re: 1.1 installation notes.

> From: Steve Preston <steve@eowyn.gte.com>
> Subject: 1.1 installation notes.
> ...
> One trouble is that I find the dselect "Select" screen confusing.
> Admittedly, It is not immediately obvious to me which line is the
> "selection".  Also I was surprised, the first time I used dselect, to
> see each section (admin, doc, text, etc.) show up multiple times.
> I would prefer not starting in a split-screen mode here.
> Another trouble was when dselect throws you into its
> conflict/dependency sublists.  I was afraid to hit 'Enter' (to get
> back to the main package list), for fear it would end the whole
> package selection process.  Of course, I didn't know that I could go
> back to the "Select" screen even if I did accidentally leave it.
> ... 
> -- 
> Steve Preston (spreston@gte.com)

I do agree with steve about the confusion that raise from those two screens
of dselect. 
I recently installed debian 1.1 and never had installed any debian before
and I would not have been able to set up my system without my technical
linux knowledge. 
I had to use the dpkg command interface to reach my system requirements.
For example, one of the basics X package need cpp, and I had already
installed gcc so I didn't want to install the cpp package, I was not
able to do it with dselect.
I thought that the debian installation should be easy to carry out
by almost anybody. I have to say that in my opinion, up to now,
it's not true.

The documentation should also point out what package you need to get
to set up what you want. When you want to set up X11 how do you
easily know every package that you need to have before dselect or dpkg
tells you he needs the package '......deb' that it can't find ?

I hope those points may help to build an easier debian set up process.

 Romuald du Song  (rds@cms.etca.fr)

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