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Shadow-aware netstd Debian package

Sorry it took me so long...  The shadow-aware netstd package is now
available.  Like other packages I made earlier, it it in ELF format
(no a.out support is planned), and it should work with both shadow
and non-shadow passwords.  Modified programs include ftpd, rexecd,
pop[23]d, bwnfsd, pcnfsd, dip.  Other than adding shadow support,
there are a few bug fixes:
- mktemp() race conditions in pop[23]d
- pcnfsd - see CERT advisory CA-96.08
- dip - returning address of local variable (sometimes it is a good
idea to look at the warnings generated by the compiler :-)
- minor pop3d portability cleanups ("feature" not "system" #ifdefs)

Please test this package even if you are not using shadow passwords
- If I don't receive bug reports, I will submit the patches to the
official netstd maintainer.

This package is available from:




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