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Re: 'unsupported packages' (was Re: uugetty?)

Kevin M Bealer wrote:

> How about a debian-hacker@ or debian-guru@ mailing list where programmers
> debian can all take a crack at problems as they arise for unsupported
> packages?  I think a lot of people would contribute who otherwise don't have
> the flexibility/confidence to fully maintain packages... and people on the
> list would probably, in time, start 'graduating' into maintaining packages.

I fall into this catergory. I would like to maintain a package, or two, but
lack the time to carve out how to do it myself, just yet.... some discussion
and hints and tips would allow me to cover ground quicker.

That was sorta the idea behind what became debian-talk@ion.com.au. I can
appreciate that debian-user needs to focus on the userbase usage problems
and that discussion just creates distracting noise. However I feel there
needs to be some chanel(s) available to thrash out new ideas and perhaps go
over old ones with fresh input. debian-talk could be used for this, or any
purpose, and help keep the current chanels clear.

So, by all means, use debian-talk if needed. It is also gated to a local
newsgroup for those not inclined to be on YAML (yet another mailing-list).

mailto:debian-talk-request@ion.com.au (with "subscribe" in the body)

Mark Constable (+61 7 55275724) mailto:mc@vv.com.au http://vv.com.au/mc

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