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lingering Bash and FTP processses

Sometimes, a telnet or FTP session to our Debian system does not end
correctly.  I think this usually happens when someone's network connection
dies while they are still connected.  When this happens (I don't think it
happens every time), their shell or FTP process does not die, but lives on
forever until I kill it or the system gets rebooted.  A lingering FTP
process takes little or no CPU time, but a lingering bash process seems to
take up a *lot* of CPU time for some reason.  Each one takes up a little
bit of memory as well. 

Is this a normal thing?  Are others experiencing this?  If so, how are you
dealing with this?  Shouldn't these processes be dying automatically when
their network connection dies?  It is not really a big problem now, but I
imagine it could be in the future as we are getting more and more users on
our system all the time. 



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