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X config on Laptop

I have (very) recently done a new install of the 1.1 beta test software
on an IBM ThinkPad 360.  I had previously installed the 0.93R6 release
on the same machine, and was able to configure X without much difficulty.

After installing the 1.1 beta (which went _very_ smoothly! :), I can no longer
get X configured properly, and I do not have the previous config file (I had to
remove Debian Linux entirely from the system at one point).  I am running into
two problems.

The first problem is that the system no longer seems to recognize the 
integrated pointing device (the little pressure sensitive joystick in the 
middle of the keyboard).  It is no longer identified as a PS/2 device at 
bootup, and I cannot get any response from the mouse when I "startx".  I have
tried various settings of the device type and device location.  One difference
I have noticed is that there is no longer a "/dev/ps2mouse" device, although
there is a "/dev/psmouse" device.

The second problem is that I cannot seem to get a valid set of "ModeLine" 
settings.  If I set "virtual" to "0 0", I get doubled up images of the desktop;
i.e., the screen seems to be split in half, and replicated in both the top and
bottom halves.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Gary Kline

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