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Re: more mirror questions

Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca wrote:

> That has been bugging me as well when I switched from ftp.debian.org to some
> other mirror during the hick-ups at ftp.debian.org. It would be really nice
> if we could store files dates in UTC (GMT) rather than in localtime. If we
> can't persuade mirror(1) (haven't checked man page or code), maybe someone
> could hack a script that "touch"es files with the info from the debian/ls-laR
> file. Opinions?

I've been plagued by this too, and have lost all 455 megs a week ago because
of careless and frustrated swapping of source archives without checking first.
Lesson learnt, I now do a mirror -T first to sync the timestamps.

# man mirror
       use_timelocal  Time-stamp files to local  time  zone.   If
                      false,  the  time  zone  is set to offset 0
                      (compatible with older versions of mirror).

I've tried the above but haven't done enough consistant checking to peg down
just how it works. I'd also be interested in any suggestions.

I exclude debian-bugs and -lists and I notice that when mirror does the
compares with a mirror -d -d that it takes quite a long time to go thru
all the files in debian-lists... just to figure out to ignore them. Would
the below option skip over any exclude_patt dirs altogether ?

       recurse_hard   Have to generate remote ls by doing cwd and
                      ls for each  subdirectory.   In  this  case
                      remote_dir  must  be absolute (begin with a
                      /) not relative. Use the pwd command in ftp
                      to  find  the  path  for   the start of the
                      remote archive  area.   (Not  available  if
                      remote_fs is vms.)  [false]
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