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Re: ncurses problems with xterm/rxvt

In article <m0uGOQB-00003MC@riglos.fisica.ufpr.br> you write:
>After upgrading to 1.1 I'm having two problems in rxvt/xterm. They
>don't happen on the console.
>One is already mentioned here, that after a program that uses ncurses
>is called, lines longer than the width of the xterm/rxvt no longer
>wrap. This happens with nvi, but also with ncftp. Is there a character
>sequence that can be sent to restore the wrapping?

If you hold down the control key and click the middle mouse
button in an xterm, you'll get a settings menu. You want to
"Enable Auto Wraparound".

Alternatively, type:
      tput smam
in the xterm

>The second problem is that when you're going to search for something
>inside less, and you want to erase some characters, the backspace just
>prints ^H instead of erasing. The only way out is to type ^U and
>retype everything.

Try typing:
  stty erase ^H

(Note that ^H is two characters, not a litteral ctrl-H)


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