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Re: upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta

> > Our archive maintainer has not created the updates directory yet.
> > When that happens, the a.out version will be placed there and the ELF
> > version will be moved to the binary/base directory.
> > 
> The 1.1.5aout version of dpkg is necessary for upgrading the base
> packages. Once all the base libraries have been upgraded, then upgrading
> to the elf version will be useful/possible.
> Because of this, I think both versions should be left in an easy to get at
> location (together would be better than seperate)

The problem has something to do with dselect not coping well with
packages being listed twice in the Packages file.  

IMO, the upgrades directory idea makes a lot of sense.  Just tell
users to upgrade to the packages in that directory and then run
dselect on the packages in the binary directories.  Very simple to

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