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Re: upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta

On Sun, 5 May 1996, David Engel wrote:

> > > Our archive maintainer has not created the updates directory yet.
> > > When that happens, the a.out version will be placed there and the ELF
> > > version will be moved to the binary/base directory.
> > > 
> > The 1.1.5aout version of dpkg is necessary for upgrading the base
> > packages. Once all the base libraries have been upgraded, then upgrading
> > to the elf version will be useful/possible.
> > Because of this, I think both versions should be left in an easy to get at
> > location (together would be better than seperate)
> The problem has something to do with dselect not coping well with
> packages being listed twice in the Packages file.  
> IMO, the upgrades directory idea makes a lot of sense.  Just tell
> users to upgrade to the packages in that directory and then run
> dselect on the packages in the binary directories.  Very simple to
> understand.
Works for me, as long as both the aout and the elf versions are available.



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