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Re: Avance Logic

>Hi Jonathan.
>I use a Avance Logic card in my Win95 box (I doubt that'll help, but listen
>anyway).  The unfortunate problem I had was that I needed specific drivers
>for it - I'd give up if you are going to try to use it for X-windows I
>think.  Unless there's a specific driver in X for it.

Thanks for the response Karl. I decided to copy the net on this one as there
might be some other interested party. I got my Avance logic card to run
straight off with MSDOS (The diskettes came with the machine). On the other
hand I had to shop around on the net for the OS2 driver diskettes and it was a
while before I found them. As a result of this I never really considered
installing X, that was until I couldn't get gs to work. For some reason I had
read Bruce's posting about svgalib-1.2.10 and had decided to install it just
before I installed X (Don't ask me why). The thing is that in that distribution
there _is_ a driver for the Avance logic chipset (ALR2301) it is not the same
as mine but it worked fine. For instance I could finally get gnuplot to compile 
(without X) and X works fine. The sad thing is that I still cannot get
gs-no-X to work and I have spent a lot of time on it. It compiles ok but then
the screen just goes white when I try to run it.... 

So there is my tale -- I hope that it is of some use to someone 


--Jonathan Lawson

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