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Re: Ftpd annoyance - DIR doesn't work for anonymous ftp

>I've just enabled anonymous ftp to my Debian 1.1 Linux box according
>to the instructions in the ftpd manpage.  All works fine, except that
>it appears that an anonymous ftp user cannot use the command "DIR"
>and "ls -l" doesn't work (both report no files).  This works fine for
>regular users.  I simply copied /bin/ls to ~ftp/bin; I thought the
>problem may have been that ls couldn't find its libraries after the
>chroot, but copying libc.so to ~ftp/lib didn't help either.

What about ld.so?

You might find some error messages in log files, with any luck: those
would provide a pointer, too.

Richard Kettlewell
richard@elmail.co.uk                    http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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