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Ftpd annoyance - DIR doesn't work for anonymous ftp

I've just enabled anonymous ftp to my Debian 1.1 Linux box according
to the instructions in the ftpd manpage.  All works fine, except that
it appears that an anonymous ftp user cannot use the command "DIR" and
"ls -l" doesn't work (both report no files).  This works fine for
regular users.  I simply copied /bin/ls to ~ftp/bin; I thought the
problem may have been that ls couldn't find its libraries after the
chroot, but copying libc.so to ~ftp/lib didn't help either.

Any ideas on how to enable DIR for anonymous ftp users?

# Dave

David M. Smith, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University
<D.M.Smith@lancaster.ac.uk>  x3952  http://www.maths.lancs.ac.uk:2080/~maa036/

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