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Re: Is 1.1 instalable on a 4 Meg memory machine?

     Well I tried installing 1.1 last night with no success.  The 
first time I used the default of using the ramdisk.  After booting 
and loading the ramdisk it loadid the keyboard map then one other 
command that I don't remember.  Shortly it said dinstal was unable to 
fork.  I went at it again with the command line "linux 
load_ramdisk=0" doing this I was able to run the installer, partition 
the disk, format and activate both swap and the main linux 
partitions.  The problem came in when it came to loading the base 
system.  Since my laptop only has one floppy and my / was mounted on 
/dev/fd0 I was stuck.  Unfortunitely I didn't have the viles on the 
DOS partition of the drive because I could have shelled out or 
possibly mounted it in the install program and loaded the tar that 
way.  ( It was getting late and I didn't think of this before going 
to bed.)  
     Any suggestions?  At this point I'm sure that something easy can 
be done to make this work.  When I did shell out and look around the 
main linux partition was nicely mounted as /target and there seamed 
to be a good number of utilities availible.  With a little direction 
and head scratching I could probably get it running manually without 
too much trouble.  The biggest question for me was how to get the 
main linux partition (/dev/hda3 it ext2 and /dev/hda4 is linux swap) 
to be / while running the install disks.  I thought that the 
installer was doing that but it didn't so I couldn't remove the 
floppy.  Thanks for any help


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