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Large multi-block devices and e2fsck

I know this isn't a debian specific question per se, but I thought that I
would see if any of you could shed some light on this problem. I have two
9gig SCSI3 ultra wide fast drives set up as a single linear volume (I
couldn't get it to work as a RAID0). When I try to upgrade to a kernel that
is higher than 1.3.49 e2fsck flips out and complains that it can't allocate
a block big enough for it to work with the inodes on the big linear volume.

Is there anyone out ther who has fiddled with the multiblock device
subsystem that could lend me a hand?

Much thanks in advance...
Ean Schuessler                 -     Director New Products/New Technologies
Novare International, Inc.     -     The unstoppable fist of digital action

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