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Re: man page location?

Good day Dale!

}I'm putting the finishing touches on the man pages for seesat5, but I'm 
}not sure where one of them should go.

What is seasat5?

}Seesat5 typically runs from the init file SEESAT5.INI, although it can be 
}run without this file. The question is, what section should the man page 
}for SEESAT5.INI go in? I suspect that section 5 is correct, but not sure.

Section 5 contains manpages describing any configuration files. The
manpage for SEESAT5.INI should go there. If seasat5 is a user program
then it's manpage should to into section 1, if it's a
daemon/root/sysadm program then it's manpage should go into section 8.

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