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Re: Upgrading to lilo-17.2 breaks my setup

From: "David L. Johnson" <dlj0@lehigh.edu>
> Yeah, the script is not overly clear on that point.

I'd love to have someone take over the LILO package and work on making
the script smarter. It's a medium-sized project in shell programming
for a configuration-savvy programmer. I'm busy working on installation
floppies and other Debian projects.

> statically linked versions of cp, mv, ls, mount/umount, as well as
> ext2fs filesystem support (mine do not have this).

You have 30 common shell utilities including cp, mv, ls on the new
1.1 install floppy. They aren't static - they wouldn't fit that way,
but they run just fine with a stripped-down shared libc on the floppy.
I haven't gotten e2fsck to fit on that disc, but I will.

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