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Re: e2fsprogs-1.02-1

Thanks Bill,

Sorry, the failed test you reported is my fault.  Don't worry though, I 
broke the test - e2fsck is working fine!

The problem with the test is only a difference in reported file 
fragmentation, which should be 6.25 %.  This is output by e2fsck rounded 
to 1 decimal place: 6.2% with libc4, 6.3% with libc5!

I fixed the test case for the elf build, and in doing so I didn't 
think about why the original had been wrong.  Apologies for not looking 
into it a little further!

Michael Nonweiler
(e2fsprogs maintainer)

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Bill Hogan wrote:

>     FYI, I just finished doing an a.out build of e2fsprogs-1.02-1 and
> I noticed the same anomaly mentioned in the attached article.

(most of article cut)
> The ext2 tests run failed with the following message.
> f_dup2: blocks claimed by three different files: failed 

Michael Nonweiler <mrn20@cam.ac.uk>
Trinity College, Cambridge. CB2 1TQ

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