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make dep fails to build kernel because of module bsd_comp.c

HI all!
	  I've just installed the Debian gcc and source so I can rebuild the
kernel.  I get a error during the make dep process when it goes into the
drivers/net directory.  The error is:

bsd_comp.c : 56: #error This file must be compiled as a module.

What I read in the documentation project is that I do a :
make config 
make dep
make modules 
make modules_install 
make zImage
in that order so I never get a chance to make modules.

This machine is pretty much virgin.  No patches.
If I cd drivers/net and do a make modules, I get all kinds of errors.
I don't care if I have any dynamically loadable modules.
Does anybody suggest anything?

ps: I think Debian linux must be one of the best package install systems
I've seen (apart from the dselect interface which has some bad aspects
and the above glitch).  The March Linux Journal also seems to think its good.

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