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Re: Packages

>I hope this thread is not saying what I think it is.  If it is your intention
>to make it difficult or impossible to install non-debian software on a debian
>system, my Gnu-debian CDROM is going in the trash the day it arrives.  If I
>wanted a closed system I would go to Microsoft.

No, it doesn't make it difficult to install non-Debian software.  What
we don't want is for people to use dpkg to install software which has
been crudely hacked up to look like .deb packages.  (A Debian package
is more than just a tar file.)  My suggestion doesn't even stop you
doing this, though - it just makes sure you're aware it's not a very
safe thing to do.

It's perfectly possible to put any software you like on a Debian
system; if you put it somewhere other than under /usr/local then you
risk conflicting with existing Debian stuff, but that's true for any
Linux distribution.

Richard Kettlewell
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