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Re: MH/SMTP: No sending possible

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I just wrote:
> My problem looked like this: After "comp"osing a mail, "post" didnt't deliver
> it, it said something like "[BHST] Premature end of file on socket".
> According to the FAQ, that means that post couldn't connect to the SMTP server.

I just re-read the FAQ and it looks like I've got it:
The second thing that might cause this error is:

"You use BIND and your local nameserver is not responding.
Solution: Delete /etc/resolv.conf. "

I don't use BIND on my own machine, but I've got a /etc/resolv.conf that 
points to a nameserver I use when I'm connected to the net via PPP.

How can I avoid deleting my /etc/resolv.conf?
Should I make the ppp-up script copy something to /etc/resolv.conf and the
ppp-down script delete this again?


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