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Re: MH/SMTP: No sending possible

>>>>> "M" == Michael Below <mbelow@HRZ.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> writes:

M> My problem looked like this: After "comp"osing a mail, "post"
M> didnt't deliver it, it said something like "[BHST] Premature end of
M> file on socket".  According to the FAQ, that means that post
M> couldn't connect to the SMTP server.  (It looks like SMTP is the
M> default with Debian MH).  I've tried to find out what might be
M> missing, but I couldn't find it: According to "netstat -a", the
M> SMTPD (that seems to be another face of SMAIL) is listening. It is
M> in /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf.

Hmm, I have this faint recollection of some problem with post way back
when I set up mh, but I can't remember if it was related to this.

I'm afraid I don't know about mh and smtp since I installed mh and
sendmail, so sendmail handles all the outgoing mail.  Of course that
meant I had to figure out how to configure sendmail (shudder).
Sendmail seems a very powerful tool, but there's no excuse for a
config file like that.  I recommend both the sendmail (bat cover) and
mh (octopus cover) books from O'Reily (sp?) if you are interested.

Perhaps someone else knows about the SMTP problem?


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