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Re: help

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Stephen Early wrote:
> Before attempting to use the unstable tree I suggest that you subscribe 
> to the debian-devel tree and read it for a few days.
> To upgrade from version 0.93 to the unstable version, the current 
> procedure is to install the ld.so package followed by the libc5 package. 
> Installing a new version of dpkg might also be a good idea.
> You should ensure that the kernel you are using has ELF binary support in 
> it by default - in other words, you mustn't have to load the 'binfmt_elf' 
> module at boot time to run ELF binaries.  If you end up with an ELF 
> system but a kernel that doesn't support ELF then you will be slightly 
> stuck...
> Then enter the command 'dpkg --remove libc'. This will fail, as dpkg 
> knows that almost all of the currently installed packages depend on libc. 
> It will, however, remember that you'd like to remove libc when possible.
> Next install the libc4 package from the unstable tree. dpkg should 
> automatically remove your old libc package and replace it with this one.
> You should now be free to install other packages from the unstable tree.
> When Debian-1.1 is released it will include some method of doing this 
> automatically. We just haven't finished it yet.
> Steve Early
> sde1000@cam.ac.uk

I've tried to upgrade to gcc-2.7.2-5 , i've made all the things described 
above without problems. But my gcc has problems with compilation - there 
is no stdio.h and many other important .h files! they aren't in 
/usr/include directory!!!! I've found directory 
/usr/i486-linuxaout/include with many of these files and i've made link 
from /usr/include to /usr/i486-linuxaout/include but then when i try to 
compile something i have error from ld:

ld: cannot load crt1.o : no such file or directory.

So what's going on?????

Leszek Gerwatowski

* lg@peryt.waw.pl         | bigl@alpha.im.pw.edu.pl           *
* PERYT                   | Warsaw University of Technology   *
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