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Re: md5sum

>     So, have it your way: What is the correct -- i.e., best, proper,
> least error-prone -- way to to compare the output from `md5sum
> debian.deb' or `md5sum <debian.deb' with the md5sum field printed in
> the Packages file?

So far as I know there isn't any nice automated way to check the sums in 
'Packages' against the actual md5sums of the packages one has. I myself 
have done some ugly file manipulations, largely by hand, to check the 
sums, but it would work out better were there (is there?) if there was a 
file that contained the sums of the packages in the format produced by
md5sum itself(i.e. 'md5sum -b *.deb > debian.md5sums'). So it could be 
checked by md5sum ('md5sum -c debian.md5sums').

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