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Re: Wine 960131 Released

The person under this address has been changed. He is not an 
internet-type person. Please, don't send him any more messages.
Thank you.

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Raul Miller wrote:

> Bernd Eckenfels:
>    no, thats not true. You only have to give any possibility for the
>    receipient to get the source. An FTP Archive is clearly a well
>    accepted method. You can also give a snamil-mail adress for
>    requesting the source (u can even charge for shipping and working
>    costs for it).
> This is correct for the case where you're just passing on the object
> code (you didn't even recompile the thing).
> [Section 3. of /usr/doc/copyright/GPL for the curious.]
> -- 
> Raul

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