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Re: Wine 960131 Released

   Bruce Perens:
      I suppose that if the README for the package says where to download
      the source, that's enough to satisfy the GPL? I haven't read it

   Since you explicitly stated download, this works for distribution by
   download but not other distribution mechanisms.  [Presuming that the
   source can be downloaded without other restrictions.]

   For comparison, if the README said how you could obtain another cdrom
   with the source on it, that would work for a cdrom distribution but
   not for a download distribution.

Additionally, I think the source offered to a recipient of
the binary must be made available at cost.  That is to
prevent you from charging $20 for the binary-only
distribution and demand $100 for the sources.  Of course,
you could charge whatever you wanted for the sources as a
stand-alone item or packaged with the binaries.  Binaries
provided without sources, however, require an at-cost
availability of sources.  Naturally, for ftp this isn't an

I think the sources also have to be available for 3 years
from the time of source-less distribution.

I don't know if the distributor of the binary is required to
personally provide for the distribution of the source or if
they can just "point to" a freely available copy elsewhere
on the net, etc.

take this with a grain of salt, I'm not polished on the GPL


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