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Re: dselect & binutils (fwd)

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Boulter <sboulter@winternet.com> writes:

    Sean> I'm going through dselect.  I'm trying to get gcc 2.7.2-5
    Sean> installed, but = it gives a dependency error that it
    Sean> requires binutils (>=3D2.5.21.20).  = Fine.  I have 2.6-2
    Sean> which, looks to me like it's >=3D2.5!  I looked in = the
    Sean> Packages file, just to be sure, and it shows that package
    Sean> binutils = is version 2.6-2.  So if gcc and binutils are
    Sean> both selected for install, = and binutils is v2.6, why the
    Sean> HELL does it give me the dependency error = on binutils?

Just a guess: Which version of dpkg did you use? Older versions
(before 1.0.8 ?) don't grog the '>=' and a string comparision will
fail since "=.*" > "9.*"

I packaged gcc-2.7.2-5 with dpkg-1.0.10


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